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Hello Falko,

So given that I did not use the same hostname as my registered domain, will it mean that I would need to recreated my certificates for TLS?

Also there's part of the howto such as:

configure Postfix for TLS in which postfix was configured with another hostname chosen vs. my registered domain so can I simply change myhostname parameter with my registered domain?

One last question:

typically when people use mail normally you would see them use or for example.

I am wondering about this only cause in my mind:
I'm using 1 box to do:

Mail Server
Apache Server

Question: can I refer to my server as "" only? Or can I make 2 references:

vi /etc/hosts

eg: myhostname myhostname

I'm thinking of this relative to both services running on the same box.
I am sure to some it's a silly question however, I'm only trying to understand a thing or 2 in regards to configuration and setup of the server.

So When Setting up postfix, I can use is my line of reasoning but perhaps I'm wrong in my line of thinking... Guess that's why I'm a noob :-)
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