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Question RE: Perfect Server - Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon

I've been reading the Perfect Server - Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon for Ubuntu 7.10
and found myself asking a few questions since I find myself to be a bit unclear or perhaps I just need it spelled out for me since I'm a noob

But, I'm using the desktop edition and loving it so why now stop .

1st and formost, I am interested in creating and hosting my website along with 5 other sites (2 are friends of mind) with very low traffic and thought the Perfect server idea was interesting to try out as a project to learn more.

As I'm reading the article, I'm having problems knowing how to apply it to having a website at home.

In my own case, my router is managing the dynamic ip address so basically I have a static address all the time.

- lastly, I am confused about the corelations to my registered domain name that I could use and how it should be reflected in my server.

Let's use as the example of my own registered domain.
(fictitious of course :-)

I will break down the parts I need to understand and hope someone could clear up my wondering mind :

Here goes:

On Page 2:

Enter the hostname. In this example, my system is called, so I enter server1:

I am asking myself the following:
- Does it have to be my registered domain name? Or can in be an internal name I so chose?


7 Configure The Network

Curious scenario:
- my router is currently assigning an ip address to the ubuntu server based on it's mac address to however I was wondering if I would still actually need to explicitely specify it based on the howto?

In the part for editing the hosts:

vi /etc/hosts
it's mentioned to add : server1

Once again, do I need to put my registered domain name her or can it be my own internal naming?


You will be asked two questions. Answer as follows:
General type of mail configuration: <-- Internet Site
System mail name: <--

I wanted to know if this needs to be my registered domain or my own internal hostname. Can someone please confirm?

The same thing follows with:
System mail name: <--
Root and postmaster mail recipient: <-- [blank]
Other destinations to accept mail for (blank for none): <--,, localhost.localdomain, localhost

basically same question in regards to Just wanting to know if my registered domain is to go there or my own internal hostname can be used. (e.g. -srvub1)

Next we configure Postfix for TLS (make sure that you use the correct hostname for myhostname):

would it be or even like as examples of domain name registration for home.

Anyways, I believe most of you will understand the following:

- I basically have a number of registered domains for different things so
wanting to host some of them at home. (since I have extremely good bandwith to do it :-)

I want to use the registered domain and just simply trying to clarify in my head a few things with the questions asked.

Honestly appreciate the Help. And Falko - keep writing - love the articles and help you provide to everyone.

Mr. Nibbles
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