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Default Troubles: OpenLDAP SambaDomain Controller Ubuntu 7.10

Hi, I have just installed Ubuntu 7.10 server (64 bit version) and I have installed OpenLDAP and Samba in order to make a good PDC server by LDAP authentication.
I have installed all the software and libraries needed according to the howto and this is the problem that I have: all seems to go right but, when I reboot the system after the procedure to tell the server to use LDAP as one of the options to authenticate users, I am unable to login and the system don't accept any command.

The only way to restore the system is to boot from a live cd and restore the pam.d directory and the nsswitch.conf file as the original.

When I try to check if the server is alive (ping IP address) and login using a pc client I have this situation:

- ping OK
- ssh (doesn't answer)
- webmin (doesn't answer)

I make the entire installation procedure two times but I have the same result
I suspect that some library is corrupted (I am sure that the howto works fine)

I hope someone can help me !!!
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