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Default Gutsy Postfix quota email fixed

I finally found my notes with the fix for the empty quota E-mails.

Gutsy is now working.

Make this change to your /etc/postfix/

virtual_mailbox_extended = yes

virtual_maildir_extended = yes

then reload postfix.

For a fresh install, send a test e-mail to your account. ( I used an attachment that was more than 1% of my quota. )

then login to the server as root and do:

You should now have an e-mail listing all users at 1% or more and the percentage of the quota used.

You may need to delete the /user/maildirsize file and let Postfix replace it when a new e-mail arrives.

This solution might work for Edgy & Feisty servers that are already running.
I can not promise this as I have not tested it.

It's amazing how one little change can make a difference.

One down side I have found, if I delete a message in a pop3 client it will not remove the message from the server. This I have to do with an imap client like Squirrelmail. Once deleted with the imap client the quota is updated. (this may just be a setting in my pop3 client )

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