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Default Networking problem - Fedora 8

I burned a Fedora 8 live CD this afternoon. Works fine. Decided to install it on my hard drive. That also worked. I have a single ethernet card, which I configured with a fixed IP address (192.168.x.y). Set the gateway to be my internet firewall machine.

However, when I reboot the machine, it configures the IP address, and then a few seconds later, decides that it needs to run dhcp (which I explicitly disabled, along with disabling IPv6). When the dhcp request times out, the system resets my IP address to 169.24.x.y - and then it can't locate my network at all....

Several questions - I really need to fix this - I need this machine back on the net...

1) How do I stop this from happening? It needs to believe that I want the static IP address

2) What is avahi-daemon? Do I need to have it running? One of the config files says it should not be used if network discovery isn't being done - and it isn't in this system... How do I turn it off??

3) Unrelated to networking - Fedora 8 installs only Gnome and I prefer KDE.
Once the network is running, will 'yum install kde' install all the kde software?
If I want to try kde4, what is the correct way to install that instead of kde3?

thanks very much for your help,

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