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Default Setting up a customer SSL site

I've set up a bunch of customers under ISPConfig. I've also manually configured a lot of SSL customer sites under Apache2. But I've never configured an SSL site within ISPConfig.

I've gone into the site configuration, checked "SSL" in the "basis" tab, and I now have an "SSL" tab appearing. When I go to that tab I see entry fields labeled "SSL Request" and "SSL Certificate". I assume that I use the server key in /root/ispconfig/httpd/conf/ssl.key and do the following:
1) Generate a private key for the domain I'm configuring
2) Create a CSR from that private key
3) Send the CSR to a cert issuing authority
4) When I get a cert back, paste the CSR into the "SSL Request" text box and the cert into the "SSL Certificate" text box. If I then save the cert info, will ISPConfig add the appropriate port 443 stanzas to the Apache config file?
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