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Originally Posted by danf.1979
Could I (in some way) use the root mysql account that use ispconfig for creating new databases and *assign* those databases for a given customer?
Yes, thats how the "datenbank_insert function works.

I mean, there is already a piece of code that generates a mysql database for a customer in "optionen"/"Datenbanken Neu". I had a look to the code and found function datenbank_insert, but i also did a string search for this function in /home/admispconfig and realize that it seems that it is not called from anywhere. It exists just as a definition in ispconfig_isp_datenbank.lib.php.

How does optionen"/"Datenbanken Neu" use this function?
This function is called by the form for adding databases. The form definition is made with the form designer and so the function call is definied in the doctype definition and you can not find it in the code. Doctype definitions are stored in the doctype table in the database.

The framework used for ispconfig is event driven and the datenbank_insert function is called after the database add form has been saved the first time.
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