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Default Can't see mysql databases created by phpmyadmin


I am new to ispconfig and linux (Centos), but have found ispconfig a very easy to use application.

My problem: phpmyadmin seems to be able to list and display the databases
created by ispconfig e.g. web1_db1 etc. and all works well i.e. the databases
are listed on the left column on phpmyadmin. However, databases created
directly by the phpmyadmin control panel e.g. "db_test" does not show up on the please select a database column.

I only can see the database using mysql commands "show databases;". Is this a bug or do I need to do something to make phpmyadmin recognise the newly created database. Without being able to select the "db_test" database, I won't be able to use the web GUI functions to manipulate db_test.

Help appreciated.... with thanks

BTW using phpmyadmin 2.11.4 ispconfig 2.2.19

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