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Originally Posted by falko
It seems as if Mandriva has updated the MySQL packages to version 5.
You can use
apt-cache search mysql
to find MySQL packages for version 4.1 and install these instead.
How do I know which ones are for 4.1?
[root@server1 ~]# apt-cache search mysql
libmysql15 - MySQL - Shared libraries
libkoffice2-kexi - Libraries files for Kexi
php-pear - PEAR - PHP Extension and Application Repository
php-pear-MDB - MDB - unified database API
php-pear-MDB2 - MDB2 - unified database API
php-pear-Text_Highlighter - Text_Highlighter - Syntax highlighting
snort - An intrusion detection system
postfix - Postfix Mail Transport Agent
cyrus-sasl - SASL is the Simple Authentication and Security Layer
perl-DBD-mysql - MySQL-Perl bindings
perl-Mail-SpamAssassin - Mail::SpamAssassin -- SpamAssassin e-mail filter Perl m                                              odules
libfreeradius1 - Libraries for freeradius
bind - A DNS (Domain Name System) server
MySQL-client - MySQL - Client
MySQL-common - MySQL: common files
libmysql15-devel - MySQL - Development header files and libraries
libfreeradius1-mysql - The MySQL module for freeradius
libmysql15-static-devel - MySQL - Static development libraries
libqt3-mysql - MySQL plugin for Qt
libsasl2-plug-sql - SASL sql auxprop plugin
MySQL - MySQL: a very fast and reliable SQL database engine
MySQL-Max - MySQL - server with extended functionality
MySQL-bench - MySQL - Benchmarks and test system
MySQL-ndb-extra - MySQL - ndbcluster storage engine extra tools
MySQL-ndb-management - MySQL - ndbcluster storage engine management
MySQL-ndb-storage - MySQL - ndbcluster storage engine
MySQL-ndb-tools - MySQL - ndbcluster storage engine basic tools
apache-mod_auth_mysql - Basic authentication for the apache web server using a M                                              ySQL database
gda-mysql0 - GDA MySQL Provider
gda2.0-mysql - GDA MySQL Provider
php-dbx - DBX extension module for PHP
php-mysql - MySQL database module for PHP
php-mysqli - MySQL database module for PHP
php-pdo_mysql - MySQL Interface driver for PDO
postfix-mysql - MYSQL map support for Postfix
prelude-manager-mysql-plugin - MySQL report plugin for Prelude IDS Manager
samba-passdb-mysql - Samba password database plugin for MySQL
snort-bloat - Snort with Flexible Response
snort-mysql - Snort with Flexible Response
snort-mysql+flexresp - Snort with Flexible Response
libmysql14 - MySQL - Shared libraries
perl-Apache-Session - Apache-Session: Apache persistent user sessions
libmysql12 - MySQL - Shared libraries
libmysql14-devel - MySQL - Development header files and libraries
MySQL-NDB - MySQL - server with Berkeley DB, Innodb and NDB Cluster support
apache2-mod_auth_mysql - Basic authentication for the apache2 web server using a                                               MySQL database
fpc - Free Pascal Compiler
fpc-docs - Free Pascal Compiler - Documentation
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