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Default Would the problem come from postfix?

Hi folks,

Mail Server:
Ubuntu 7.04 server amd64
SquirrelMail 1.4.11
Postfix - pop, smtp

Ubuntu 7.04 desktop
Evolution 2.10.1

IIRC before installing SquirrelMail workstation can send/receive mail on Evolution via the Mail Server w/o problem.

SM is working w/o problem. Just discovered Evolution can receive mails but can't send mails via the Mail Server. With the same password it can't authenticate to send mails, always complaining "Unable to authenticate to SMTP server. Bad authentication response from server". However the same password works to login SM.

What I have done on the Mail Server were;

Installed SM, the webmail

Configuring CentOS 5 (Guest OS) running on VMWare. CentOS can browse Internet BUT Internet can't get into CenOS. I'm still trying to solve this problem.

If uncheck "server require authentical", Evolution can send mails to other users registered on the Mail Server". But can't send mails to Internet with following warning;
RCPT TO <> failed: <>: Relay access denied

I haven't run Evolution on workstation to send mails for sometimes since SquirrelMail running. Would the problem come from postfix? If YES how to reconfigure "" TIA

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