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Originally Posted by till
Yes, buy officially signer dertificate.

Is this VM? Then its normal, you can not update the realtime clock from within a VM.

Addd a new empty line after this line.
problem2 - yes this is virtual machine
what about problem 3?

problem4 - I edded empty line and got the same problem, however I fixed the problem by correcting error in
script /etc/init.d/proftpd

I had entered: [ $NETWORKING = "no" ] && exit 0
Instead of: [ ${NETWORKING} = "no" ] && exit 0

And I had: echo "Usage: $prog start|stop|restart|reload|condrestart|status"
Istead of: echo "Usage: $prog {start|stop|restart|reload|condrestart|status}"

So problems 4 and 2 fixed What about problem 3 - should postfix shutdown fail?

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