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Hi. I should have looked at a log earlier, I looked at /var/log/cups/error_log and found this when I restart cups:

I [28/Dec/2005:14:07:46 -0800] Listening to 7f000101:631
I [28/Dec/2005:14:07:46 -0800] Listening to c0a801fc:631
E [28/Dec/2005:14:07:46 -0800] Unknown directive AuthGroupName on line 711.
I [28/Dec/2005:14:07:46 -0800] Loaded configuration file "/etc/cups/cupsd.conf"
I [28/Dec/2005:14:07:46 -0800] Configured for up to 100 clients.
I [28/Dec/2005:14:07:46 -0800] Allowing up to 100 client connections per host.
I [28/Dec/2005:14:07:46 -0800] Full reload is required.
E [28/Dec/2005:14:07:46 -0800] LoadAllClasses: Unable to open /etc/cups/classes.conf - No
such file or directory
I [28/Dec/2005:14:07:47 -0800] LoadPPDs: Read "/etc/cups/ppds.dat", 4104 PPDs...
I [28/Dec/2005:14:07:47 -0800] LoadPPDs: No new or changed PPDs...
I [28/Dec/2005:14:07:47 -0800] Full reload complete.
X [28/Dec/2005:14:07:47 -0800] No Listen or Port lines were found to allow access via localhost
So it seems that 'AuthGroupName' is not understood (it's one of the things that the HOWTO instructs me to add). Also, it apprears that I didn't set up listening correctly either.
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