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Default Recommended install for Plone on an ISPConfig server?

Hi all,

I have an ISPConfig server, and on that I have a number of domains. I'm planning to install plone for one of those domains.

Plone, by default, installs zope and that listens on port 8080. The Plone install docs offer two approaches:

Install as root: Plone ends up here: /opt/Plone-3.0.5. Zope then needs to be started as root.
Install as normal user: Plone ends up $HOME/Plone-3.0.5. Zope then needs to be started as my normal user.

What recommendations do people have for installing Plone on ISPConfig? Should I install as root or a regular user? I guess I'll then have to use Apache Directives to have a subdomain of my domains forward to Plone?

Are there any other approaches people recommend?


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