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Default su hangs after ISPConfig install

After installing ISPConfig, whenever I su to another user the shell just hangs, I can ctrl-break out of it and return to my original shell, but otherwise it just hangs with no prompt. Normally I could figure this out by going through my logs, but here is the kicker, I've always set root to nologin. This means that even on a console session you have to su to root and set the shell to get root access. This behavior is the same regardless of what shell (bash, ksh, tcsh, etc.) I use or what user I try to su to, but I'm not sure if this unique to nolgin users or not since I only have one that I know the password for. I know the ISPConfig setup creates the admispconfig user, but you never get prompted to set the password for this user and the passwords you are prompted to set don't work for that user. So i'm not sure if it is exclusive to nologin or not.

Relevant SysInfo:
CentOS 4.6
MYSQL 5.0.45
Apache 2.2.6
PHP 2.2.0

ISPConfig was fully functional.

TIA for any help...
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