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Originally Posted by FXT
My plan is to use ISPConfig and create a reseller, who will have both me and my friend as clients.
If I understand correctly, the reseller will create the sites via the ISPConfig interface, and we as clients will then fill them with content via FTP. Easy administration, and no way to screw with the other sites that way. I have heard that this would be overkill, but i would like the expandability, and learning to do this is a good idea IMO.
Does this setup (reseller->clients) make sense?

Originally Posted by FXT
Can this be done behind a router doing NAT, with only relevant ports being forwarded?
Yes. Make sure you use your local IP for the Apache vhosts, not your router's public one.

Originally Posted by FXT
I have several * domains pointing to my public IP, and would like them all hosted on this VM with its fixed local IP.
Is it possible to send mail from these domains, like
Should I even bother with mail, given that this is a private connection?
Almost all dynamic IP addresses are blacklisted nowadays; if you still want to send email, you should relay them through another mailserver:

Originally Posted by FXT
One part I am not sure about in that Perfect Setup is the fact that normal FTP is used. I have enabled TLS for ProFTPd on one version of the server VM (approaching twelve different ones now!), and it works like a charm on the LAN. The NAT router is screwing things up, though, and I am not learned enough to find a way around that.Also I'm not willing to put the VM into this cheap router's DMZ.
Is there a way to do this, and more importantly, will it work with ISPConfig?
Make sure that your router forwards the ports 20 and 21 to your ISPConfig box.
Originally Posted by FXT
Is there a way of using SCP to work with ISPCOnfig?
Yes, but your users must then have Shell access which is a security risk.
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