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Uhm, I'm using this query for getting the "username" that would be the "owner" of the web directory:
$go_query = "SELECT * from isp_nodes, sys_user where isp_nodes.doc_id = '$web_id' and isp_nodes.doctype_id = 1013 and sys_user.doc_id = isp_nodes.userid";
But I have realized now that this only gets the ispconfig "Login Data username" and not the "User & Email->new user->admin username" (owner of the web directory).
I had not realized this earlier because I usually named both users the same, so ispconfig login username was the same as the owner of the directory. Now I know this query does not do what I want, and that is useful only when both usernames are the same.
From the phpnuke installer *form*, only the web [ID] is passed as useful data to try to retrieve the real owner of the directory then in mysql. But I dont seem able to determine a sql query that retrieves the "user_username" in the table "isp_isp_user" with only the web [ID].
Any hints?
I dont want to request the "username" to the user in the form, I want to retrieve it from mysql... Is this possible?

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