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Originally Posted by ZyanKLee
in order to recover all websites I think you need the following:

/home/www - or whereever you told ispconfig to create the webs
the following mysql-databases: db_ispconfig, web1_db*, web2_db*, ... webN_db*
usefull might be the content of /home/admispconfig and /root/ispconfig, especially the config-files of ispconfig (forgott the exact names, sorry)
Thanks ZyanKLee. I think I will go ahead and copy over all directories since I have enough space on the secondary drive.

Really, this is my concern:
How would I restore the necessary files and databases after I do this since I will only have the copied files on the 20 GB drive?
I think I will go ahead and generate the backup db scripts as well since that is where most of the sensitive data is stored. I run a forum and it would be a bad thing to lose all of that data.
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