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Originally Posted by falko
But on Windows you lose all the information about the files' permissions and ownerships... On your new Linux system you'd have to restore these manually...
Ah-ha. Now that is a good reason.

Originally Posted by falko
You should follow one of the Mandriva tutorials on HowtoForge and then install ISPConfig on the system. Afterwards, you can restore all necessary files/databases, etc. Because the source and the destination system are using different distributions (Debian <-> Mandriva), you might have to experiment a bit...
I was already planning on using your setup for Mandriva on HTF. I have Debian on the 80GB disk and I may just dd or tar the data to another drive that I have. That should keep all of the permissions and ownerships, won't it? My plans are to utilize the 80GB drive since I don't have an additional one that large. So I will have to format the drive. How would I restore the necessary files and databases after I do this since I will only have the copied files on the 20 GB drive? Would I need to copy the /home/www/ directory to keep restore all of the websites, for example?
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