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Default Backup?

I am in a bit of a unique situation with my server. I originally installed ISPConfig on my FC4 o/s, but eventually went to another drive using Debian as the o/s. Both of these drives are installed in a Dell Dimension 8200 and I need to detach the primary drive (FC4) so I can replace it with a larger drive that will be used as a image of the Debian drive which is running ISPConfig currently. The problem is, I have to make some changes to grub and some other files on the Debian hd because I cannot boot the Debian drive without the FC4 drive in place. ...strange issue, but I know how to fix it...

My question is, I need to copy any relevant data via ssh to another system. What files are necessary to copy in order to get ISPConfig, websites, mysql, and everything else running again? I have already copied many of the files from the hd, but I want to be sure I got all of the necessary ones.

Furthermore, in this particular situation, how would I begin the restore on a new drive? I am aware that using HA clusters are a good option as well as imaging over a network, but I don't think any of these would work for this specific issue. Okay, I'm sure someone could get it to work, but maybe not myself...

Thanks in advance. I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!


Sorry, I forgot to include that I may be installing a new o/s (Mandriva). It will take the place of Debian. This should give more relevance to my post. The reason I may replace the o/s is due to the multiple issues I have had with postfix ( and web_ftp ( I am limited to < php5 (due to PHPBB limitations) on the o/s (not ISPConfig's php5) and Mandriva 2005 is one that installs php4x. Hope this all makes sense. It has been a very long road (several months) for me trying to get this server running so I can start hosting sites for others.

Special thanks to falko and till!

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