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Thank you for your reply, volksman!

Originally Posted by volksman
I'm pretty sure if you are using IP only then no modifications are needed to /etc/hosts. However either way it is really a moot point because as Falko said all this does is save or fake a DNS look up. This will not make or break your setup.
OK, so after some deliberation I've decided to leave /etc/hosts alone for good. If it has the same functionality as in Windows, leaving it alone will be the best thing. Thank you for the input.

Originally Posted by volksman
Unless I'm missing something with ISPConfig I think this is again a moot point. If you are running everything on one server and never allowing remote mySQL connections then yeah localhost is fine and your connect string can be as simple as:

mysql -u root -p
However ISPConfig may use a host in its connect string, this can likely be easily modified to localhost.
So going from your explanation, the problem I was inquiring about isn't really a problem in my setup, where MySQL is localhost only.
I have just ignored MySQL after its installation for now, and will tackle it again should it become necessary.
When I get to the setup of ISPConfig, I'll most likely have to ask again.

Originally Posted by volksman
I've only used ISPConfig briefly once before. It seems like a bit of overkill for an IP based setup like yours. You sure you need it?
I decided after talking with someone who will be using this machine with me, to make it publicly accessible. I'll forward the necessary ports for its operation to the VM's fixed LAN IP. So it will not be strictly IP based. I have a "" domain and plan on using it for this machine.

I want to have a tool that will allow me to take care of administrative stuff from a nice interface, with no chance of mistyping in config files, and no need for excessive command line interaction. Web based administration just sounds nice and convenient.

I do have new question, that came up when continuing:

I continued with the setup, and am currently going through the Postfix configuration. During that configuration, I have to specify "Mail Name". Now, i might be overthinking this, but do I have to specify "" (servebox being the machine name), or do I specify "". The example given in the howto would only apply, if the machine was directly reachable on a public IP and the domain was hosted on it? I'm leaning towards "", but I'd like to make sure.
For instance, how would I change this line:
Other destinations to accept mail for? (blank for none) <--,, localhost
for correct functionality?
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