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Default Setup problem ? affecting Joomla 1.5 install

Hi.. I am still finding my feet with ISPCONFIG and need to install Joomla 1.5.

I have created a new site (under reseller, client) and set up as All is marked in DNS. Set up admin user for the site, given password, admin rights, and created database etc.

Then ftped to the only account for that particular site (as ftp, login with aforementioned username and password (which is not the main ISPCONFIG UID!) and ftped over the various files as per 630/16087/1.5_Installation_Manual_version_0.4.pdf.

Whatever I do or try, typing post install does not bring up Joomla installation as it implies. Just a "it works" message from ISPCONFIG.

Looking at the ftp, when I log in it gives me the default of / and I have tried copying the files in /web and also when that did not work in /user/web6_test/web (web6_test is the given name to the user) and neither work.

I had assumed the former should be the correct, but both don't work.

What am I doing wrong, apart from losing hair in the process.

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