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Originally Posted by djtremors
Don't use the posted version as this can lead to busted code due to copy/paste.

It's a PHP script not shell script... call it using

php ./clamavupdate.php
I still got error:

[root@dns1 ~]# php ./clamavupdate.php
PHP Warning: fopen(/root/ispc.updates/clamav-update.conf): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /root/clamavupdate.php on line 42
[root@dns1 ~]# php ./clamavupdate.php

clamav-fresh-update.log file is on below:

2008/01/03 18:12:24 : ClamAV-updater script cannot find updater host. May have moved and this version did not update that move.

Please help. Thanks alot.
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