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Default thanks - no succes yet

thanks for your quick response.

I have unquoted the line in (the mydestination)

checked the hosts file. Both localhost and the ipnr are linked to,, localhost

and hostname returns,
hostname -f returns localhost

Still the log now complains that the host or domain is not found. Name service error for type=MX: host not found)

I should add that at this moment the machine is not connected to the internet - as that domain on the internet would still point to my old server. But i think that in this case the hosts file should be sufficient

thanks very much for the help already

Originally Posted by till
Please uncomment the line
mydestination =,, localhost

in and restart postfix. then make sure that /etc/mailname contains the correct hostname ( and that this hostname is returned when you execute the commands:

hostname -f

Then make sure that you have a line for in /etc/hosts that points to the IP of the server.
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