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Originally Posted by falko
Please take a look at the logs on the server and client. Are there any errors?
thanks for your time.
well, on the server4 (rhel5)that is my new server and here its munin client and have munin-node working.

well the log is not being generated . . . see its pasted here

cat /var/log/munin/munin-node.log
2008/01/03-14:33:37 Server closing!
Process Backgrounded
2008/01/03-14:33:37 MyPackage (type Net::Server::Fork) starting! pid(14402)
Binding to TCP port 4949 on host *
Setting gid to "0 0"
2008/01/03-14:34:55 Server closing!
Process Backgrounded
2008/01/03-14:34:55 MyPackage (type Net::Server::Fork) starting! pid(14536)
Binding to TCP port 4949 on host *
Setting gid to "0 0"

while on rest of the servers this log is being generated . . . i think problem lies here ... please let me know what to do now?

secondaly, on the server end there is a tag in #/etc/opt/munin/munin.conf

htmldir /opt/munin/var/www

there is 3 folders (cgi, and server2) and three files (definitiions.html, index.html,style.css). Will i have to do something here ?

please help me out.
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