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No errors. I tried using an older version with another database connection method but the result is another error of another kind, so i put back the newer one. The newer one uses Pear DB to make the connection, and i guess i have all those packages installed, but i dont know how to check if those package actually works or how to make the same connection from the command line or some other utility that let me check for more detailed errors or so :S. I used some script (that i find on the net) maded on php to "check" pear DB and guess what, it gives me an error :P (that i guess is the key), some error relative to "cant find DB package or so". I will copy & paste if needed, so i suppose it could be some missing path on php.ini or so.

The other chance is to change all to that project called RoundCube, any advice on that? at least is more beatifull than squirrel , too bad is still an alfa or so. I just need some nice webmail frontend, and allowing users to change pass i guess thats all for now.
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