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Exclamation Spamassassin stopped working... need HELP!

This is my fault... I was having postfix issues yesterday, and it had about 200 messages sitting in the queue, and spamassassin or clamav was eating up 96% of the CPU load.

I use WEBMIN on my server so that i can get access to it anywhere there is a web browser, so I was logged in, and for some reason, in the general options for postfix, there is a 'Email content filter' and i clicked it to 'none' and i know there was a value in there, and it is gone now.

Any idea what this value was? i know it was short, but did it so fast, that i didnt even write it down

The mail server set up was done following the 'Virtual Users And Domains With Postfix, Courier And MySQL' for Debian Etch 4.0, and was set up about 7 months ago, and hasent had any issues with spam being sent (until i deleted that line by mistake).

Please help! I am getting about 10 spam per hour, and it is on my blackberry, so it is eating up my data useage pretty fast!

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