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Originally Posted by bosei
Thanks guys.

I was installing from the .pkg file downloaded from ISPConfig site but I was attempting the install remotely from another workstation. As soon as i tried it from the subject server... it worked like a charm.

It seems I have SquirrelMail installed as well. Will there be any clashes or does it just mean choice for my clients?
It's up to your clients, they can use the webmailer they prefer.

Originally Posted by bosei
I have a few more questions so i hope y'all don't mind too much as you have helped me install all of this in days rather than weeks/months.
  1. just tried installing oscommerce and it errored with "FATAL ERROR: register_globals is disabled in php.ini, please enable it!" Can this be fixed or will it hard my ispconfig install and if no then can anyone recommend another shop/basket?
  1. You have to set
    register_globals = On
    in your php.ini

    Originally Posted by bosei
  2. I have the subject server behind a seperate firewall which allows me to port-forward so everything can now be seen from the outside except Postfix allows receiving of mails but not sending. the internal IP is (DMZ local address), pointing to an external address (say which is on the wan side of the firewall. I think postfix does not allow clients on a different subnet to send mail although they can receive. i have not made any changes to postfix configs etc what is in the tutorial best ever.... SuSE 9.3. Can anyone help with this one?
Did you get any error messages in the mail.log when you try to send mails?
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