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Default Munin graphs

Hello all,

I have joined an office where server's resources are being monitored on munin. Three red hat servers are running. one is configured as server ( munin + munin-node) and rest are client (munin-node). I am new with munin. dont know any thing about munin except its a monitoring tool over linux and it really seems to be great.

Now i have installed and configured a new server rhel5. I installed munin-node and configured in this way /etc/munin/munin.conf

host_name server4

allow ^192\.168\.1\.10$ ( munin-server IP i.e. server-2)

and on the server side at server 2

address (server4's IP)
use_node_name yes

htmldir is set on server 2 like this
htmldir /opt/munin/var/www

service munin-node is running on server4.
on the other hand on server2 where we see the graphs of all the servers ... its there only an entry like that :: [ day week month year ] :: [ Disk Network Nfs Other Processes System ] :: [ Disk Network Nfs Other Processes System ] :: [ Disk Network Nfs Other Processes System ] :: [ ]

can any body help me whats wrong ? or what else needed to be configured?
an early reponse will be highly appericiated.

many thanks
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