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Question Virtual Users + Mysql + Squirrelmail + ChangePass Plugins Problem

Hi everyone, i have an installed and currently working email server (did it on falko's way ). I have the need of allow password changing to my users, so i was searching and the easiest way of doing this i have found is the squirrelmail + changepass plugin (If someone has some advice or any idea of another way of letting users change their passwords it will be welcome ), well anyway my problem is that i cant make it work. Im stuck on "cant connect to database" error, it seems to me that the query to connect to the database isnt well but i cant fix it, the query on the config.php of the plugin that i guess is wrong is:

$csp_dsn = 'mysql://user: password@localhost/email_users';

i replace the username and the password and the final part "email_users" that i suppose is the name of the database i will work with, with my own database called "mail", the rest of the configuration file it seems to be ok (not sure either).

i've already tested the user and password and privileges on the command line (with mysql -u user -p pass -d mail) and seems to work fine (select + update privileges over mail database).

If anyone has any idea to fix this or workaround... i will be waiting to probe it.

Thks in advance.
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