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Default dovecot problem - help please!

Greetings! I'm trying to configure dovecot on CentOS5.1, and here's where I'm hitting a wall. There are 2 machines: Windows and CentOS
1. I can telnet from CentOS machine to itself using either domain name or ip on port 110 and read all email, no problem. However, I can't do the same from the Windows machine.
2. Probably related to "1", but with a twist. I can't connect from Outlook client; "Test Account Settings" comes back with "Outlook cannot connect to your incoming (POP3) email server". However, test e-mail message from Outlook makes it to the test account and is viewable locally on the CentOS machine. In fact, it's viewable if I telnet to CentOS machine from itself on 110.

Closest setting in dovecot.conf that I found might be a suspect was "listen", it's currently set to default
listen = [::]
I tried to play with it and change it to all variables that would come to mind (ip, domain name, mail server name and combinations thereof) - without any result.
Any thoughts regarding the situation? Thanks.
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