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Default Full Email support in ISPConfig server

Looking to get the mail server part working in my setups. The server's host name is serverhost (it is a main server for many virtual ones) on the domain The entire access to the server is Bellsouth DSL blocks port 25, so I know this is the place to start. My domain uses DynDNS to use auto IP update for my dynamic IP. The server is in DMZ by my router, and I've successfully outsourced MySQL, web, and FTP to my brother in Wisconsin. (I'm in Georgia, so i know that's a good distance DNS test.) Now how do I get email to work right where the server can both send and receive email (such as to user heymrdj on Is fixing this port problem the only issue? What about MX records, I know I don't have any? I don't think anyways. Please enlighten me. thank you
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