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Ok, OK. I have been progressing a lot in the php-nuke installer.
Here you have a screenshot:

What the script does till now, is:
Create directories and copy the all necessary files to run php-nuke in any given web. Admin, a reseller or a client can use it.
I have a problem though...
This is how my config.lib.php looks right now:
# php-nuke install function
function make_install_phpnuke($web_id, $username, $path_to_create) {
	$web_id = intval($web_id);	
	exec("mkdir $path_to_create");
	system("cp -R /var/www/installers/php-nuke/html/* $path_to_create");
	system("chown -R $username:web$web_id $path_to_create");

class isp_web

var $FILE = "/root/ispconfig/scripts/lib/config.lib.php";
var $directory_mode = "0755";
var $web_doctype_id = 1013;
var $user_doctype_id = 1014;
I have included config.lib.php in /home/admispconfig/.../tools/test2/install.php that process the form (the picture)
install.php runs fine, but I think that when included in install.php the function make_install_phpnuke() does not run with root priviledges, so the code
	system("chown -R $username:web$web_id $path_to_create");
does not work. Am I right about this?

Then, I know that when you create an email user that will be the administrator, the directory permissions are changed, and you told me (falko) that only config.lib.php runned with root priviledges, so I guess the code is that changed permissions is in there. I cant find it though.
Can you help me with this?
I'm almost there... almost. And good news is that developing new installers will be very similar.
Thank you.

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