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Originally Posted by horus9520
Hi here,

I am a new corn to Linux. I just installed fedora core 4. Since I have a color LaserJet printer, I want to install the driver for it. So I download 'hplip-0.9.6' from However, when I am doing the procedure as described in .
At step 2: Download and install the HP printing software
When I type 'make', it comes with the following error message
I finally had success with fedora core 4 and hplip 0.9.7+patched.

Be sure to get 0.9.7 and a patch (both from download site). extract and cd into the source,

patch -p0 < patchfile (or was that -p1?)
./configure --prefix=/usr
make clean; make; make install

I found make clean is a necessary step since some shared object files don't get generated.

One other thing to watch: /etc/init.d/hplip script does not start hpssd properly due to selinux.

Option 1: run hpssd manually from command line:


Option 2: change hplip security type:

chcon -t bin_t /etc/init.d/hplip

I still can't make the script work during boot. Anyone finds a solution, please post. Something to do with selinux I guess.

Otherwise, I'm happy with network scan, print, and service info.
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