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I'm having problems creating the folders with the right permissions. The owner and group is admispconfig, I need it to be user:web[id].
This doesnt seem to work:
exec("chown $username:web1 $php_nuke_path");
Dont know why. From a console it works OK, but from the php script dont. Does this have something to do with a php feature? (i.e. security?)
How can I get to create the folder with the right permissions? I dont seem able to find the piece of code that generates de /var/www/web[ID] folder when creating a new customer. I think this code could help me. Not sure though.
I'm creating the phpnuke install folder with:
exec("mkdir $php_nuke_path");
Is this aproach the correct one?
Maybe thereis another way with the ispconfig api. Dont know for sure. I'm just starting to get used to the api.
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