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Default Problems with network on debian etch

Hello. I`m in a big trouble. What`s the problem? Since I switched my sarge to etch I`m getting lots of calls from clients saying that sometimes they can`t connect with the network. On router under control debian etch works traffic shapper, apache, dnsmasq and of course NAT. I expirenced the same problems on my own skin. How does it looks like? I just can`t reach my gateway (timeouts) while in the same time others usually doesn`t have any problems with reaching it. My ssh sessions with router from different locations of my lan keeps disconnecting without reason (after invastigations I found that suddenly my gateway stops anserws). It tlooks strange. I found few clues on the net. Correct me if I`m wrong. The only way to get back to normal is switch again? :-( I`m using kernel 2.6.17 instead of default 2.6.18 on etch. Why 2.6.17? Because it was compiled with many patches for iptables and iproute, for that kernel version. All for traffic shapping script. Under sarge it worked without problems, now its a horror. Does anyone knows some way to make it work normal? I`m not sure, but all about is so called "window scalling" in etch. I`ve tried to turn it off, without success :-( Any help will Be worth its weight in gold.
Sorry for my bad language :-/
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