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Ovidiu 11th January 2007 20:24

how to delete an imap folder on the commandline
hi there,

recently severall of my mailboxes have started showing me a new subfolder.
I tried manually deleting by deleting the folder, but it keeps reappearing so I guess I have to delete it with a special command something like deleteimapfolder or whatever but I did not find anything with google and only 3 posts when I searched the forum for "delete imap folder"

martinfst 11th January 2007 20:42

I think you need to delete the folder using your mail client. Otherwise when you delete it on the server, the mailclient still is subscribed and re-creates. I think.

Ovidiu 11th January 2007 20:53

wel I am only using squirrelmail to read mails no other client and squirrelmail sees the folder but I cannot click on it... I can't delete it and I can't unsubscribe because it is not listed in squirrelmails lists...

thats why I thought I have to delete it by commandline with a special command not just a rmdir or something like that...

martinfst 11th January 2007 20:54

In Squirrelmail there's a 'folders' menu item. Did you use that?

Ovidiu 11th January 2007 23:23

in the folders menue I only see folders below INBOx but the folder I am talking about, called Sent2007 is on the same level as INBOX. => I do not see it in any of squirrelmails list, so I cannot unsubscribe, cannot delete it.

martinfst 12th January 2007 10:02

Sorry, I didn't mean this folders menu. In the right pane, at the to there's a list of special commands you can use:

Compose  Addresses  Folders  Options  Search  Help
Use this Folders link to get a special menu to manipulate folders, ever folders you're not subscribed on.

Ovidiu 12th January 2007 14:20

believe me I tried all that.
you mean the menue where I can create, delete, subscribe/unsubscribe to folders, but like I said, these lists only contain subfolders of INBOx and as this one is not below INBOX....


I do not udnerstand this anymore, in the delete, rename and subscribe/unsubscribe list I only see folders below INBOX, but not INBOX.Sent2007
When I goto to the create folder menue and in the menue where I select under which folder the new one should appear, I see all folders, even those missing from the other lsits, but it does not help me

martinfst 12th January 2007 14:42

I'm sorry, I'm not into the details of IMAP:(, and something looks terribly wrong. I have no idea if your IMAP server holds some information somewhere. Which IMAP server are you using?

Ovidiu 12th January 2007 15:08

I originally followed the perfect debian 3.1 setup => Courier-IMAP

sjau 12th January 2007 15:20


you don't see the folder Inbox.Sent in Outlook or any other email client?

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