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badgerbox76 15th December 2006 18:51

FTP Related question
I am trying to upload files to my web site using ftp. I created an account under one of the sites in the user & email section. I then used the user name and password to upload files to the server but the files are being placed in /var/www/mydomain/user/web3_3/web why am i not getting the /var/www/mydomain/web directory when i login to the ftp server and am i creating ftp accounts correctly.

till 15th December 2006 18:53

You must make the user the administrator of the website by enabling the "Administrator" checkbox in the settings of the user.

badgerbox76 15th December 2006 19:08

Ok good an ez fix. I also wanted to know if there was a way where i could just make an ftp account and not make an email account at the same time.

till 15th December 2006 19:12

Currently you cant. But if you use a cryptic email address you can be sure noone sends a mail to it.

badgerbox76 15th December 2006 19:24

Will you be adding that feature latter?

till 15th December 2006 19:25

Yes, It is already in the SVN of the development branch.

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