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provell 11th December 2006 22:51

move ISPconfig server, howto
Hi evryone,

I have a question about moving a server which I could not find the anwser to here just yet.

After just having bought a new server and installing debian and ISPconfig on it, I am planning on moving the server to a real server/hosting environment.

Now the server has a home lan IP-address of
In the new environment this will of couse be something totally different.
Having made some notes while installing everything I thought it would be a good Idea to ask if I dit overlooked something.

After moving I will edit the following files with the new IP-address.

But these are just the debian basics.
What files should I edit for ISPconfig to work properly.
And what about DNS and postfix(not much or nothing I gues)?

The server is completly empty now there is not a single website on it.

Thanks in advance for youre time.:)

Rgds Edo

till 11th December 2006 23:20

For ISPConfig, you will just have to change the IP address under management > server > settings. There are no changes for postfix and bind nescessary.

provell 11th December 2006 23:50

Hy Till,

Thanks for you'r quick reply.
You just gave me a reason to like ISPconfig even more.

Thanks again.:) :)

Rgds Edo

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