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sgrayban 10th December 2006 13:21

IPv6 questions
Does ISPConfig support IPv6 addressing?

Such as in apache configurations or dns/bind entries?

I have searched the forum but couldn't find a answer to those questions.

till 10th December 2006 16:21

ISPConfig does not support IPv6 yet.

sgrayban 11th December 2006 03:42

Is there a timetable yet to support it? Our ISP is already assigning IPv6 addresses and we have our assignment already.

till 11th December 2006 11:08

No, IPv6 support is not scheduled yet.

sgrayban 11th December 2006 11:19

To bad. It's one of the main things we are looking for our company.

till 11th December 2006 11:27

ISPConfig is OpenSource. If someone develops IPv6 support for it, we will include it in the next release :)

sgrayban 11th December 2006 18:51

I thought about that but then you would get my free work and time to put into your paid version of the program.

I support open source but I'm not to keen on it when its used as a base for paid program.

Nice try though :)

till 11th December 2006 18:58

I see you did not understand the relation between 42go and ISPConfig correctly. 42go is the older program, ISPConfig contains more and the latest features and we are releasing all our work as open source.

But nice to have someone thinking like you to participate from our work ;)

sgrayban 11th December 2006 21:11

Then I am confused. shows 42go as a pay for program.

And where the ISPConfig is the beta for the paid version 42go.

I don't mind finding the odd bug or a small change that should be there but completely adding in support for IPv6 only to have it sold later on doesn't seem right.

till 11th December 2006 23:14

You want to use the work of others on your server but dont want to share your own work and help to develop a open source project. Thats your good right, but dont blame us for having given away the ISPConfig sources under BSD license and actively develop them.

42goISP is a paid program, and it is the ancestor of ISPConfig. 42goISP has been written to 100% by projectfarm GmbH and not the openSource community. projektfarm GmbH released the sources of 42goISP under the BSD license and is still the lead developer and largest contributor of the ISPConfig project.

Poeple like you would never contribute to any OpenSource project because it might later been sold as part of e.g. redhat, novell, mandriva or any other partly commercial linux distribution even if the project itself is freely available.

By the way, you asked for IPv6 support, not I. If you dont need it, dont write it.

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