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munika 27th November 2006 23:22

isp doesnt allow to send emails
hi ,

i have hosted 3 sites on my ispconfig server. my isp (internet service provider) doesnt allows me to send emails to outside world through Isp says i can only use their smtp server and user name and password to send outside.

this explains the connection timeout i get in maillog

can i set up ispconfig such that for all the accounts it can send out through


till 28th November 2006 11:34

To send mail trough the smtp server of your provider, set the relayhost directive in the postfix file.

falko 28th November 2006 17:33

Also take a look here:

munika 30th November 2006 16:54

guys this is the best forum i have seen.

yes i modified the relayhost and i made the sasl_passwrd according to the thread above.

restarted postfix
but even after that i get this message in my thunderbird when i try to send it outside it says 530 authentication required.

Reporting-MTA: dns;
X-Postfix-Queue-ID: 588C814F0B7
X-Postfix-Sender: rfc822;
Arrival-Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2006 09:45:28 -0500 (EST)

Final-Recipient: rfc822;
Action: failed
Status: 5.0.0
Diagnostic-Code: X-Postfix; host[]
said: 530 authentication required - for help go to (in reply to MAIL FROM

Munir Keshwani <>
Thu, 30 Nov 2006 09:45:27 -0500

HOw can i solve this any idea.


edge 30th November 2006 17:04

Did you enable the "My server requires authentication" in the email client?

munika 1st December 2006 00:01

yes authentication is enabled. i dont think that is the problem


falko 1st December 2006 16:59

What exactly is in your mail log when you try to send a mail?

What changes did you do to enable relaying through another mail server?

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