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sushestvo 14th October 2005 16:44

Where to change server encoding?
I forgot where it was... i know by default it's UTF-8
But I need Windows-1251 (Cyrillic)
Where do I go to change that?

till 14th October 2005 18:18

Which Linux distribution?

In DEBIAN the command is:

dpkg_reconfigure locales

sushestvo 15th October 2005 04:22

I have Fedora Core 3.

sushestvo 20th October 2005 17:16

no one knows how to do it in Fedora?

till 20th October 2005 17:28

I've just googled a bit:

sushestvo 20th October 2005 19:01

hmmm... seems like locale changed...
and all web-sites but one have proper encoding on their pages... but one web-site still have Unicode by default when I open the web-site instead of Windows-1251.
Of course I have META tag in HTML for this page.

nocture 25th January 2008 10:17

faced the problem with coding. when installing a new engine or just ordinary php-page - the coding is not displayed. where should i search for a reason to that
tanks in advance

till 25th January 2008 10:27

Have a look at the apache configuration files (apache.conf, apache2.conf and httpd.conf) if the proper default cahrset ist configured there.

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