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cracker54 22nd November 2006 21:59

Ldirectord and heartbeat with multiple IPs
So I have a question about heartbeat and ldirectord. This may be a simple question, but I don't know the exact answer so if I could get some help with this it would be greatly appreciated.

I am working on a project that has the following servers:

2 Linux directors each running ldirectord and heartbeat
3 web servers which are being load balanced via the Linux directors
Multiple other servers that the client has running for their business

There are 8 public or “virtual” IPs all used to get to various web pages, servers and services.
We will say the IPs range from to with netmask of
Internally they are running a standard 192.168.X.X network.

We are running a High Capacity High Availability and Load Balancing model for the setup using ldirectord and heartbeat. The picture below is a general setup

Anyways now down to the real question.

I am wondering if there is anything special we need to do with the /etc/ha.d/haresources file to accommodate for all the extra IPs. Or does the /etc/ha.d/ file take care of the “virtual” IPs?

This is what the /etc/ha.d/haresources and the /etc/ha.d/ files currently look like.


logfacility local0
bcast eth0 # Linux
mcast eth0 694 1 0
auto_failback off
node LoadBalancer1
node LoadBalancer2
respawn hacluster /usr/lib/heartbeat/ipfail
apiauth ipfail gid=haclient uid=hacluster


LoadBalancer1 \ \
LVSSyncDaemonSwap::master \

What I am unsure of is if we need to add more IPs to the /etc/ha.d/haresources file since the client wants to be able to get to all of their servers via a public IP being routed through the linux directors.... PLEASE HELP!

falko 23rd November 2006 18:00

The ha* files are for heartbeat so that each load balancer can see if the others are still up. It's ldirector that handles the virtual IP addresses.

cracker54 23rd November 2006 22:57

Okay then another quick question. Does it matter if the IP you enter into for the /etv/ha.d/haresources is a public IP or should it be kept a private IP? I know that sounds like a stupid question.

falko 24th November 2006 17:40

That depends on your network setup. Ideally you have some kind of local network where you can decide yourself which IP addresses to use. In this tutorial: I use private IP addresses. If you have your servers in some data center, it might be problematic telling your ISP that you need a virtual public IP address.

cracker54 30th November 2006 01:00

This is fine if you only have on webpage. It does not address the problem of you having multiple webpages and IPs running through a router.

falko 30th November 2006 17:31

I think you can have multiple web sites if you use name-based vhosts:

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