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bluethunder82 17th November 2006 11:57

IMAP Quota (Display Remaining)
Hi All,
I'm experimenting with IMAP. I have never used until yesterday - have been using POP exclusively.

I've verified quota is installed and working correctly, I can send-receive messages using IMAP. What I cannot seem to find any information on is how to get an IMAP client to see what disk space is remaining.

Ie. RoundCube,, Thunderbird.

All I get is Quota is supported but nothing in, unlimited in RoundCube (which I have limited for testing to 10MB).

Any ideas? Or is this a feature not supported in the way ISPConfig uses quota?


till 17th November 2006 13:30

ISPConfig uses the default linux system quota. I dint know if rouncube supports linux quotas.

bluethunder82 17th November 2006 13:44

What about Mail.App or Thunderbird?

jnsc 17th November 2006 15:02

I know that some apps, and some webmails get this information by reading a file called maildirsize. (Maildir++) More info by visiting the link below.

But I don't know if this is the case for Thunderbirde and RoundCube

bluethunder82 20th November 2006 12:50

I've been reading on the net and it looks like I might be able to get a round estimate using MailDir++. But instead of re-inventing the wheel. Has anyone else run into this situation - Getting IMAP programs to display quotas? Or is this not a typically used feature for IMAP users?

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