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SoMBS 8th November 2006 17:15

RoundCube Webmail On Your ISPConfig Server Within 10 Easy Steps
I have followed the instructions at and the setup seems to be working fine as far as sending and receiving email. But I am having a problem when I set Personal Settings after I've logged into webmail. The problem is that after I make changes to personal settings and Save, when I log out and and back in again my settings have reverted back to previous settings (defaults?). The settings in question are Personal Indentity and Time Zone.

I have www.domain.tld with a sub domain of webmail.domain.tld. The email user account I am using was created under www.domain.tld in ISPConfig before I set up Roundcube and is not an account created in webmail.domain.tld. This seems to be an important disctinction because when I use an email account created under webmail.domain.tld and login, make changes to settings, log out and back in again, the changes stay.

So for instance, testuser@domain.tld can login into webmail using either testuser@domain.tld or web1_testuser and send and receive email. But after making changes to Personal Settings, the changes always revert back to original settings after next login.

testuser@webmail.domain.tld can log in and send and receive email, make changes to Personal Settings and the changes stay after next login.

It seems there is a disconnect between users of webmail.domain.tld and domain.tld. Might this be in the config files of roundcube? To note: When I set up mysql, I used the webmail.domain.tld myslq db (web2_u1, web2_db1). Of course, domain.tld is web1_u1 and web_db1. Maybe I have to set roundcube up to look at users from domain.tld in addtion to webmail.domain.tld?

Hans 8th November 2006 17:29

Saving your settings
Please have a look here:

Maybe it helps you too.

Some questions:
Is domain.tld, the same domainname as the domainname in your full hostname? (Your maindomain)
Which Linux distribution do you use and what are your MySQL and PHP versions?
Do you find any errors within the RoundCube log files?
Personal experience:
I also have to say that i host a lot of different domains on my server and clients are using RoundCube, IlohaMail or Uebimiau without any problems.

I had some problems as you described indeed, but that was with the RoundCube package provided by ISPConfig.

Since i use RoundCube Beta2, which is setup according my "within 10 steps" howto, i do not have problems anymore. It was the reason for me to use it on my own website.

The only thing, i do not like is that everytime i login for the first time, i have to remove @www within the e-mailaddress. But that is no big problem at all.

SoMBS 11th November 2006 00:19

Hans, thanks for the reply and staying with me. I hadn't looked at the posts in a few days thus the delay in responding to you.

I have been doing some research in addition to looking at the information you posted earlier.

To answer some of your questions:

1. Is domain.tld, the same domainname as the domainname in your full hostname? (Your maindomain).

If I understand your question correctly, yes my domain.tld is the same as my hostname. The hostname of my server is server1.domain.tld.

2. Which Linux distribution do you use and what are your MySQL and PHP versions?

I followed the Perfect guide for setting up Ubuntu's Dapper 6.06 LTS. That is the version of Linux I'm running. Per the guide MySQL 5.0 and PHP5.

3. Do you find any errors within the RoundCube log files?

I don't see any errors in syslog file. Looking at the errors log in /var/www/webmail.domain.tld/web/logs there are only a couple of line indicating a user authentication failed error. And one other: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent in /var/www/web8/web/program/in$

Note: I used your guide and downloaded and installed Roundcube accordingly. I am not using ISPConfig's .pkg.

One thing I have discovered after some more testing is that it works fine when logging in with username like web1_user. What doesn't work is user@domain.tld.

When I login with user@domain.tld and go to personal settings --> identities I see email address with display name web1_user. Any changes to this do not stick after next login.

When I login with username and make changes they stick after next login. So, identity is display name I defined with email address user@domain.tld.

So all-in-all it's working ok using the username. It's not critical that I have to login with user@domain.tld. I can just login in with web1_user. As I hand out email accounts though it would be good to tell users to login with user@ but by the time I get there maybe a solution and/or the next beta will be out correcting some of these issues.

I will research some more and play with settings and maybe discover something useful I can share. I'm thinking I'll set up another server and test various configurations.

Hans 11th November 2006 00:38

Can you test this:

Login with username (without @domain.tld) and try to set the identities.

I mean not a username like web1_user1 but the username as created on the user and e-mail tab in ISPConfig.

What is happening then?
If this works, it means that a login with only the username is better then to login with username@domain.tld.

If this is true, i consider to change my howto at this point, which means i will not use the adapted for ispconfig anymore. In that situation only a login with the username will be possible.
Then saving identities will work. It's a compromise.

Let me know your experience!

SoMBS 12th November 2006 05:10

Hans, as you suggested, I tried to login with the email username. Login failed. I then created a new user under domain.tld because the usernames I have been trying to login with were created before I installed Roundcube. I thought this may have been the problem. But this did not work either.

Hans 12th November 2006 11:18

Ok then.
I will change step 6 within my howto.
After changing the, only login with a username without @domain.tld will be possible.

If we do so, we do not have the "saving identities problem" anymore.

Hans 12th November 2006 14:11

1 Attachment(s)
Today, i have changed my howto at URL

With version 1.1 of my howto, i use the original file provided by Roundcube itself.
For using RoundCube on our ISPConfig server, we only need to make some modifications to this configuration file as described at step 6 within my howto.
To save some time, you can also download the file here.

The result is that from now on, we only can login with the username and not with username@domain.tld anymore.
The reason: to avoid the "saving identities problem".

With the new configuration file, spell checking is enabled! :)

Thanks for your feed back!
Doing so, we can make things even more better!

DaRKNeSS666NL 17th November 2006 16:13

Mabey stuppid question but where do I put the file after the download?

In your howto it reads remove completley and than must I edid the same file?
Is there an other one somewhere out there.......:p

In the link to there he is renaming the file to Is this what I must do?


DaRKNeSS666NL 17th November 2006 16:35

DaRkNeSS again,

Can't I use the update funcie to intergreate round cube into ISPConfig, becuase it's up the ISPConfig site?

Hans 17th November 2006 17:15

About ROundCube

- You can simply replace the file within the Roundcube config directory.

- If you setup RoundCube according my Howto, it will run on port 80, which means you can NOT make use of the update manager within ISPConfig.

- If you want to run RoundCube on port 81, you can use the update manager indeed. In that case upload the package from URL

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