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domino 8th October 2005 13:17

FC3: apt-get upgrade-dist broke it
I recently ran apt-get upgrade-dist (I think that's the command), and now I can not log into ssh. I think it also broke ISPConfig because all the site have disappeared from the control panel. I can still access all the sites remotely. The only problem I have is that I can not access SSH, meaning it is not running. I have webmin installed and I went into the filemanager to see if sshd and it's config was still around. ssh_config is still there, but sshd is MIA (can not locate). :mad: What can I do if I don't have physical access to the computer? If I had physical access, how can I get SSH back? Any suggestions are welcome.

till 8th October 2005 13:57

You can try to setup an FC3 system on your workstation with e.g. VMWare and copy the missing SSHD files to your server with webmin.

falko 8th October 2005 14:41

If you have a rescue system on your server you could boot into that and try to repair the system...

domino 8th October 2005 15:36

yea, looks like i have copy copy things from another server to it. I don't have a rescue system implimented because I didn't think an openssh update can scew everything up.

What about ISPC? It's still broke and I think it was because of the update. I'll post back in a couple of days with what ever happens.

till 8th October 2005 16:25

You posted above that the sites have disappeared from the controlpanel. This can only be caused by changes in the mysql database.

domino 8th October 2005 17:46


Originally Posted by till
You posted above that the sites have disappeared from the controlpanel. This can only be caused by changes in the mysql database.

This is gonna be a fun couple of days :(. Never will I use apt-get again to update a perfectly working Fedora box. From what I rmember when I used apt-get, it did update SSHD. So I blame the updater for that. There's not a "Safe mode with network support" in Linux is there? :confused:

till 8th October 2005 18:27

The problem is not apt-get. I assume you used the command apt-get dist-upgarde which will try to update to the next fedora version. Instaed using apt-get -u update is save and shows you the packages that shall be updated before the update.

I've updated a fedora 3 box with apt for over a year without problems.

domino 8th October 2005 23:24

Well damn.. This is my first time to use apt-get and tried to update. I guess it was my fault for not looking into an application more before using it. Nonetheless, it will be my last time to use apt-get on a Fedora or RH system.

domino 12th October 2005 14:10

Aftet several days of trying to fix my problem without any success, do you think I should go ahead and upgrade to FC4 rather than reinstall FC3? Will it break ISPConfig if I upgrade to FC4?

till 12th October 2005 15:22

I've never done an distribution upgrade in Fedora with ISPConfig installed. Anyone else tested it?

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