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nenad 30th October 2006 20:33

Serbian translation

Hi to all.
Today I started translation to Serbian language. Actually I already finished it except for the help files.
I am also official translator for CPGNuke, etc.

So, considering my translators skills and my programming skills don't be surprised if in next release of ISPConfig everything will be in plain Zulu language with Chinese inscriptions... :)

P.S. If you notice some mess in SVN, don't worry it's just me uploading some files... :) Hopefully I'll learn one day how to do that...

till 31st October 2006 08:52

Hi Nenad, thanks for the translation. THe SVN upload looks perfect :D

nenad 5th January 2007 06:32

I think I finished with translation of all of the files.

sjau 5th January 2007 09:28


Thx for the translation :)

falko 6th January 2007 15:08

Great! Thanks. :)

nenad 8th January 2007 13:48

Is there something more for me to do in order to enable Serbian translation to appear in list of languages during the installation of ISPConfig ?

falko 9th January 2007 15:32

You must modify the file setup2 in install_ispconfig, beginning in line 84.

nenad 9th January 2007 21:46

OK, I translated it, modified it, uploaded it, and I do hope that I didn't break anything within mentioned file ;)

nenad 15th January 2007 00:08

Hm, I messed up something:


/root/ispconfig/httpd/bin/apachectl stop: httpd stopped
ISPConfig system stopped!
1) de
2) en
3) es
4) fr
5) it
6) nl
7) pl
8) se
9) sr
Ihre Wahl: / Your Choice: / Votre Choix:Wählen Sie Ihre Sprache (deutsch/englisch/spanisch/französisch/italienisch/niederländisch/polnisch/schwedisch/serbian): / Please choose your language (German/English/Spanish/French/Italian/Dutch/Polish/Swedish/Serbian): / Merci de choisir votre langue (Allemand/Anglais/Espagnol/Français/Italien/Néerlandais/Polonais/Suédois/Serbian):

./setup2: line 1223: syntax error: unexpected end of file

till 15th January 2007 10:28

Whats in line 1220 - 1226 ?

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