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maxke 30th October 2006 20:19

add-on agp configuration
i recently
installed linux fedora core 4 on my machine as a dual
boot with my win xp-i have no experience with linux
this is my first time with linux-i encountered a
problem-wen on xp my intel chiped(845 series) i845g
AMI motherboard has an onboard vga but still has an
addon slot for agp-wen installing addon i had to first
diable the onboard(bios) then uninstall driver befor
installing addon other wise comp would go blank during
boot-following this procedure would solve. on linux i
hav no idea what to do since board docs were designed
for windows-linux does not boot all the way-gives many
numbers-dont understand but insatlled fine-with
onboard vga, linux boot is fine all the way
can you help me know how to solve on linux? the
onboard vga is pathetic 8mb-i have nvidia geforce4 mx440 8x agp
thank you

domino 30th October 2006 20:59

Tis been a long time since i toched fedora. but i think with *the* google help, you can find a way to install the driver either from the fedora repo or the fedora dvd.

But first thing you need to do is go in the bios and enable AGP/PCI video card as your default video card. Assuming you mother board supports such bios setting. When you load windows, it should drop you in 16bit video mode and you can install the driver from there.

In fedora, it is a little more tricky and you might need an extra computer to browse the internet next to your linux install. Linux doesn't have a "safe mode", so all it will do is let you stare at a black screen terminal. You'll need to go to your other computer and google a how to about installing the nvidia drive from command prompt. There should be plenty, unless anyone here knows the exact command and the correct repo where the drivers are stored.

maxke 1st November 2006 21:05

thanks-but not yet
thanks for the suggestion-i tried it but i dont seem to find a comandline installation howto for nvidia vga-plus what do i do when the screen is blank

domino 1st November 2006 21:13


Should get you to login screen and from there you can enter your root name and password. I can no longer help you further because I have an ATI video card and using Ubuntu.

maxke 1st November 2006 21:39

found nvidia driver a .run file downloaded it to windows partition have copied installation commands on paper- any suggestions on how to proceed:confused: :confused:

falko 2nd November 2006 16:17

You must put that file into your Fedora installation, maybe make it executable, and then run the commands you wrote down.

If you downloaded the file from the internet, you can download it again, but this time to your Fedora installation and on the command line. The command is like this:


maxke 2nd November 2006 22:01

wen i hit <ctrl><alt><f1> all i get is a blank screen forever...i have to quit x server to install downloaded driver-wen i try "# init 3" same thing happens i get blank screen.....:(

falko 3rd November 2006 16:58

Why don't you connect to the system from another workstation, e.g. with PuTTY ( ) from a Windows workstation? Then you can run the commands.

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