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jon335 7th October 2005 16:49

Empty Recycle Bin
I have a site and a domain in the recycle bin that I need to delete, but when I click empty recycle bin it does not delete it. It says:

Note: Items remaining in recycle bin after emptying are currently in update state. Please try to delete them later.
What does this mean?

till 7th October 2005 20:24

Items can be deleted from the recycle bin after the changes has been written to the configuration files. That may take up to one minute.

benbalbo 28th October 2005 10:05

I currently have this message too, but there's nothing to delete. I looked at the crontab to find a script that's supposed to run minutely but can't find one.

I'm guessing that the changes are written to the configuration files as part of a php script which may have not completed.

Any way I can fix this?


falko 28th October 2005 11:08

Did you have a look in the correct recycle bin? There might be multiple ones, especially if you have resellers...

benbalbo 7th November 2005 15:16

I only have one recycle bin for admin at the moment - no resellers. dns manage and management recycle bins are empty.


benbalbo 9th November 2005 08:51

I still haven't found any way of getting rid of this message. The database contains nothing in the del_status table.

Can someone tell me what the rule is for displaying this "Note: Items remaining in recycle bin after emptying are currently in update state. Please try to delete them later." message? That way I might be able to pin point the error.

I'll start scouring the code, but a pointer would be appreciated :-)


benbalbo 9th November 2005 09:00

Ok - I'm wondering if I'm worrying about nothing. Is that message shown all the time, or just when there are items in the recycle bin?

The code in ispconfig/web/isp_manager/edit/papierkorb.php has no conditional around the PAPIERKORB_HINWEIS so I'm thinking it might be shown all the time.


falko 9th November 2005 10:23

I've just checked - the message's there all the time so everything's fine...

benbalbo 15th November 2005 08:33

Thanks falko - that makes sense to me now :-)

equilibrium 26th March 2006 14:39

i install the windows xp 32, no problem, but when i install the network driver the computer restart before installation ends, and when windows comes back all works fine but the recycle bin. When right click there is Properties but when i click on it does nothing.

i have DFI Lan Party UT 250 GB, network onboard, and the driver is from Nvidia site, version 5.11

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