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theduke 4th October 2005 11:17

REAL SSL Cert install problems
Ok i have a real SSL certificate that isn't seeming to install. This is my first time using ISPConfig and it is an awesome piece of work! Good job. I can configure it manually like i used to but i'm not going to touch the config files ISPconfig makes. I copy and pasted the cert into the cert box under the ssl tab but nothing is taking effect! What am i doing wrong here. This is a paid ssl key not an unsigned one.

Any help appriciated,

till 4th October 2005 11:46

Have you selected "Save certificate" in the action dropdown (right below the textarea where you posted the certificate) before you hit save?

theduke 4th October 2005 11:51

yes i've selected the save certificate.

till 4th October 2005 12:16

Try to restart your apache webserver.

If this does not help, you can have a look in the directory /home/www/ (The path may vary depending on your weboot configuration and domain) There must be a file . Does this file contains the correct SSL certificate you entered in the frontend?

falko 4th October 2005 12:24


Originally Posted by theduke
yes i've selected the save certificate.

You have to create a certificate first by selecting "Create Certificate" (and filling in all the other fields, thus creating a dummy certificate first) (if your ssl directory is already existant, make a backup of it before).
Afterwards (you should wait for about 30 seconds...), you can fill in your real certificate and click on "Save Certificate".

theduke 4th October 2005 23:06

Thanks for the help, i just made a dummy cert then copy and pasted the old cert and key into the files it created via fine now


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