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floobit 3rd October 2005 18:47

boot-up batch file
what is the file that tells the boot process which gui to run? I installed a new kernel, and it changed me to KDE from Gnome, which I liked better. is there a man page or suchlike that would tell me how to edit it without messing myself up?

Dylan Evans

dishawjp 14th March 2006 17:39

I'm certain that this varies between distros, but with SUSE 10 it's in your /etc/sysconfig/windowmanager file. The pertinent lines are:

# Here you can set the default window manager (kde, fvwm, ...)
# changes here require at least a re-login

There's no "switchdesk" command in SUSE like there is in Fedora/RH, but off hand I can't tell you which file the switchdesk command in Fedora modifies. Poke around your system and remember that "grep" is your friend.



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